The New Zealand Wine Company

The Company’s current winery was built in 1994 to enable efficient processing of an increasing tonnage under strict quality control. It is fully insulated and includes a ”hot room” (a first for a New Zealand Winery) for control of secondary ferments and a bottling hall expanded with a state-of-the art 2500 bottles per hour Italian bottling line together with an adjacent warehouse.

The original winery was designed to process 500 mt however this facility was subsequently increased to a capacity of 1000 mt.

The Company has completed the construction of a new winery building which is part of an ongoing project that has more than doubled the size and capacity of the winery to 3,100 mt. This will enable fine-tuning of the winemaking process with separate red and white wine fermentation areas, separate finishing area, a purpose built barrel hall. The winery waste management system incorporates the use of a natural wetland area beside the winery, which serves as a nutrient sink. The environmental integrity of this winery waste system is measured by the return of frogs and bird life to the wetland sanctuary.

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