La Espera/Funchenhausen

In the year 2003, Kurt Heinlein, decided to perambulate the province of Mendoza in search of promising premises to substantiate an old longing: To have his own vineyard. After several trips and covering many kilometers through the province, he finally found the place where he would reach his goal. The field of his dreams belongs to the municipality of San Rafael, the access-road is guarded by a statue of Christ, that gives welcome to the city. The area is blessed by the river Diamond, which passes it’s range.

Kurt Heinlein needed only a short survey of the virgin land, in sight of the imposing pre-cordillera, to realize that his search had come to it’s end and that these 330 hectare were the award. It was in the year 2005, when, guided by the engineer Francisco Lucchini, there were planted the first 20 has with: Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. To let the project take shape as had been dreamed of, it was entrusted to the winemaker Mauricio Lorca the task to bottle the dream, that had needed so much years for it’s attainment. For the required patience and perseverance the winery was given the name: ”La Espera” (The Expectance).

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