Chassenay d’Arce

Overlooking the Arce valley, Chassenay castle has been an icon of the Cote des Bars since the Xlth century. It gave its name to the Champagne House Chassenay d’Arce. The founding wine rowers set it up in 1956 on the village known as Ville-Sur-Arce, not far from the superb headland on the borders of Champagne and Burgundy. The winegrowers chose to cooperate together. Thus, they put together their savoir-faire and their productions of grapes to build up an identity and a brand that would belong to the Arce valley. They chose for their headquarters a huge mansion with character.

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Chassenay d’Arce Cuvée Première Brut 77442-01 Frankrike Champagne Mousserande 75cl NV